Can you think of your day without WhatsApp? People from every corner of the world are using this application to text, call and video call their friends, families and relatives with a proper data plan. In fact, the app is used both for formal and informal communication as well as sending images, videos, audio files, location, documents and much more. The current version of WhatsApp is the solution for every need you have to pursue over online medium.

The usefulness of this application does not stop, as it continues to grow with every update with more features to explore. Business owners have started finding this app very useful for them too - to reach as much large target demographic as possible. This was destined to happen. When an application provides you all kind of facilities to be a part of this booming virtual world of social media, it must be popular among the different generations of people using smartphones. This online platform can be used to reach all the potential customers of a business with just a tap as it provides all it features with a very minimum data usage. The businessmen have witnessed the usefulness of this application in sending videos or bulk messages to a million receivers at a time and are eager to use the feature for their business to grow more steadily. In fact, the app has different versions to work according to the purpose of the user. You can get to know how to send bulk WhatsApp message feature here and the ways you can use this feature.

The message service of WhatsApp

With the digital revolution WhatsApp has become a part of business arena too. Companies never want to miss any chance to market their product or service through WhatsApp marketing features. You can reach to hundreds of people using the app within seconds in a minimum cost. You can use the app as a default message app to communicate with anyone you wish. There is no extra charge for messaging and no word or character limits to restrict you to express yourself thoroughly. So, while reaching out to more people you can write the details of your product and services with the contact details and using the bulk message services can message a huge number of potential customers within a few minutes.

The feature in detail

The latest beta version of the application allows business profiles to be set up in the mobile and a computer or a laptop can use the feature of bulk messaging in an instant. Not only you can send text messages using the feature but also send videos. audios and more. The most important facility you get through the app is that the cost of sending messages is very low. The data you need to send message or video to a single recipient is the same for bulk messaging too. The other applications providing the same service will cost you more than WhatsApp. Moreover, the process is complicated too. Here you will be able to send the messages by clicking the send button.


Whatsapp-Smsmyntra will help you to use your business profile in WhatsApp to send bulk messages to make your online marketing better and reach the target audience you chose. The website provides services like create marketing campaigns and sending WhatsApp promotion message. Your business can talk for itself over the WhatsApp audios which you can send through to innumerable receivers instantly. You can use the app for promoting your business. The marketing section has various features to promote your business at a comparatively low cost. The database enables the company to have a detail list of probable consumers with their WhatsApp numbers and email Ids. The marketing team of the business house along with the whatsapp-Smsmyntra team select the receivers and send the messages. They provide you the opportunity to reach international market through sending bulk messages over WhatsApp.

International Marketing Service

As a businessman you will never want to miss the chance to reach to a global audience, whatever may be the size of your business, the whatsapp-Smsmyntra international marketing service will provide you the opportunity to use bulk whatsapp services and reach a much larger consumer base to grow your business internationally. They make the platform available to send bulk text and video and audio messages in a cheaper cost than any other application can offer. Whatsapp-Smsmyntra sets the campaign for the clients and you just have to select the message and click ‘send’. The WhatsApp marketing is already available in more than 100 countries including Germany, Australia, South Africa, UAE, Brazil and many more. For an easy marketing procedure over WhatsApp bulk message feature just contact whatsapp-Smsmyntra and relax.

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